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Micro Surface Cleaning
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Micro Surface Cleaning

RADMAN PTY LTD has over 20 years experience with Stainless Steel product particularly in building industry and demand has been created from many commercial , residential and marine projects to maintain ,clean or restore entire product .

To have, that special Stainless Steel handrail, balustrade, gates, feature of any kind, fabricated in Stainless Steel, but not be able to restore and clean product to original polished base surface, is today reality of the many products.

This attractive and hygienic surface appearance of stainless Steel product cannot be regarded as completely maintenance free. All grades and finishes can in fact stain and discolor or attain adhering layer of grime in normal environment and service.

To achieve maximum corrosion resistance, the surface of Stainless Steel must be kept clean. Provided the grade condition and surface finish , were correctly selected for particular service enviroment,fabrication and installation procedures were correct and that CLEANING SCHEDULES are carried out regularly, good performance and long life will be achieved.
Frequency and cost cleaning of stainless Steel is lower than for many other materials and this will often out-weigh higher acquisition cost.

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We specialize in restoration of non-ferrous material used in building industries , stainless Steel , brass , copper and aluminum.

Our product for scheduled maintanance cleaning are biodegradable and soluble in water, enviromentaly friendly and comply with current Australian standards for biodegradability.
We create special working enviroment to work with acids and clorides, for severely damaged products.

Our range of service is available and usually includes free visits, demonstration and quote in greater Sydney metropolitan area.

Scheduled maintenance cleaning
Base cleaning to restore original surface
Base cleaning - polishing (for severe damaged caused by salt deposits)
Base cleaning preservation (with 6 years warranty)
Replacing entire sections to match existing

Our professional advice and service is often sought in following environment :